Some comments made by viewers up to Day 17 of the show’s release

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This wonderful testimonial arrived on Day 12.

You’re the first person I’ve ever heard use the term PTSD to describe the emotional experience of parenting a child with special needs. I have been trying to tell my husband and a few close friends that I have PTSD due to the extreme stress of my daughter’s medical condition.  No one seems to recognize this as a relevant pain in my heart, and I’m so tired of trying to get people to understand. 

 Thank you for all that you have shared in the summit and your faithfulness in passing on the hard-fought wisdom you’ve gained on your journey with your son. I love the picture on your website of you two looking so content and connected. Your story is inspiring and encouraging!


Thank you for sharing with us all you have learned. It is an encouragement in our current challenge with our 11-year-old, and his 3-year-old little sister has the same symptoms so we long to see her on the right road now.

 Thank you for expressing your faith freely, I too believe that we have a wonderful Saviour, friend, and coming King. He invites us to ‘Ask, seek and knock…’ with the promise to hear and act. 

 God bless you and continue to inspire you in your mission.

I was very encouraged and intrigued with Nancy Mellon’s concepts of memory being different when connected to the whole being and the flowing of an imaginative story.  I realized that I HAD done something good for him when he was younger. I had made up stories to tell him at night as a ritual and he was one of the characters. I would add in things that had happened that day and it would resolve.  It was always the same characters with different scenarios and he loved it. This began when he was 2.5, when his dad was on deployment, and continued for a couple yrs. It definitely helped him calm down at night and it sparked a lot of questions from him.  I am curious about her book and will get it.


I feel like this summit is SO perfectly timed for what my daughter and our whole family needs! 

I feel like this summit is SO perfectly timed for what my daughter and our whole family needs! 

 Every time you have a breakthrough and share it, it makes me cry a little for the joy of each small victory. I’m a Christian, and fully believe that God is sovereign and He doesn’t make mistakes. However, my faith has been tested to the limits through the trauma of trying to find answers and work through the challenges that our daughter faces. 

 Please know that what you have done in creating the summit and sharing it so generously is making a huge impact – one family at a time!

 Many blessings to you and Tristan,

 My challenge is how to correct someone without hurting feelings / ego. Omg! You just modeled for me how it’s done around the 11 minute mark with the Bowman’s interview. You were reminding Tristan to read quietly.

“I love all you have listed for us to listen to and gain knowledge from all the speakers. I am catching up a bit but don’t want to miss out and I would like to be able to somehow access anything I do miss.

I have a daughter with Downs syndrome and autism, she will be 18, a blessing to us so your information and contact for me is a major blessing.”

“I just want to thank you for your enthusiasm and compassion. Appreciate finding you because you get it. Through the years, I’ve felt like it’s been swimming upstream. Happy to swim along with a fellow happy salmon! “

“Awe, bless you Kimberly. You touched my heart! Thank you will follow all you noted below, I will be in touch! 🙂  Thank you so much, I can’t express enough how much you and all you are sharing and all you provide for me to access means to me!:-)

Thank you for adding me to your waiting list as well, so I can join you!:-)”


Dear Kimberly,

Thanks thanks a lot for making available this wonderful interview!! We are a family with three children, one of them with some attention issues and we are now at stage 4 of GAPS intro, and what a punch of enthusiastic watch this interview!!! You an Dr. Natasha are wise woman and i really loved to hear you!! 0.

“You are amazing to keep working with your child. Thanks for showing the way and modeling what a great parent can be!”
One of my previous clients alerted me to your current online summit, and I’m so grateful that you’ve been so much in alignment with what those of us who HAVE autism would advocate.  Thank you for a bang-up job! Appreciation”
“Thank you for the interviews. I’m learning so much and you have already made me a better and calmer parent. Wish I had this info when my child was younger.” 

“Thank you for your generosity!”

“Every child is special and has needs! And I had a few duh! moments while watching because the tips definitely apply to all families!”
“I have friends and colleagues who do though and the information in the interviews are just plain amazing! And I’ve been watching loads of summits on health, I can tell you. I think it’s the first summit where I feel I can share the info with other people: it’s practical and not too out there for most people :)”
“I also wanted to add that I really respect and value your journey and achievements. Digging into one’s own life, limiting beliefs and emotional issues is incredibly difficult though rewarding. I am happy you went on that journey and are sharing part of it with us.”
“I work in a small Montessori school with a few children with special needs, including an autistic girl. It breaks my heart that almost all of the info out there is in English and not so readily available to… us French people! I will tell the parents in our school what I’ve learned (if they want to hear it!).”
“I truly like the variety of people you’ve invited because it helps connect the dots and give new possible directions.”
“Thank you so much for signing me up for this series of interviews.  I am looking forward to hearing many of the speakers. I have two young boys, both diagnosed with autism and one also has moderate to severe learning disability.  The last few years have been tough.”
“ Infinite thanks, Keep going that you are improving our children’s world”
By the way, I have been enjoying all the interviews!”
“I keep watching all your interviews on the show and I love it. Once again thank you so much for your job and sharing all that information.”
“First I would like to thank you for your show, it was fantastic I really enjoyed watching you. Thank you so much!!”
“ Thank you for putting this programme together and for the care you carry for those of us navigating our way with special needs children.”

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