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Expert Speakers


Dr Campbell McBride – GAPS, Neurology, Medicine, Nutritional

Alma Galvan – Neurodevelopmental Movement Expert

Dr Ameet Aggarwal – ND, Psychotherapist

Carla Atherton – Family Coach, MA, FDN, ITN

Cilla Whatcott – Homeopath Pioneer

Darryl Edwards – Author, Play Expert, Movement Coach

Dorothy Derapelian PART 1 – Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Elaine Taylor-Klaus – Author, ADHD Parent Coach

 Jen Varela – Author, Sleep Coach Expert

Kitty Martone – Holistic Health Educator and Investigative Health Journalist, Author

Dr Madiha Saeed – MD -Best-Selling Author, TV Personality and International Speaker

Mary Coyle – Homeotoxicologist for SPD, ASD Families

Nancy Mellon – Counselor, Former Waldorf Teacher, Author

Pam Machemehl Helmly – Author, Scientific Nutritionist

Patricia Lemer – Author & Licensed Councilor

Rick & Doris Bowman – Author, Collaborative Problem Solving

Satya Beneventi – Parent Coach

Dr Susan Hopkins – Self-regulation expert

Dr Sharon Saline – Author, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Robert Turner – Pediatric Neurologist

Stephen Luther – Trauma Based Christian Parenting

Howard Eaton – Founder of eatonarrowsmith School for Delayed Children and Adults

Lisa Anderson – Mindset Coach, Nutritionist

Naomi Aldort –  Worldwide known Author/Parent Coach

Some comments made by viewers of the show

“The information in the interviews is just plain amazing! And I’ve been watching loads of summits on health, I can tell you. I think it’s the first summit where I feel I can share the info with other people: it’s practical and not too out there for most people :)”

“You are amazing to keep working with your child. Thanks for showing the way and modeling what a great parent can be!”

One of my previous clients alerted me to your current online summit, and I’m so grateful that you’ve been so much in alignment with what those of us who HAVE autism would advocate.  Thank you for a bang-up job! Appreciation”

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