At this point in our journey there are not many days that go by without my gratitude being so thick, I become overwhelmed with tears for a moment.

I like to refer to it as how my heart sings.

So, what am I so grateful for?

There is so much in so many areas of my life that I am deeply grateful for, but today I want to share with you a moment I had with my son yesterday morning.

A moment that reminds me to never give up because every intentional thought and action I have is how my son rewires his brain. How he learns that his mind and soul is separate from his brain and he has complete control of his emotions, feelings and thought life when he makes the choice to.

As his parent, I truly am his window into his own heart the way it was intended to be from day one for all children on earth.

The time in which children are in theta brain wave state taking in the emotional mindset and emotional grid of the parents, whatever that may be.

And I am thinking about how beautiful it is that although my son missed that opportunity of learning the first neurological growth of Joy in early months that is learned from the mother, due to enormous stress and my own anxiety, we get to go back and experience it now.

As we move forward at the pace that is right for him and what he needs, we just keep filling in the gaps bit by bit which net consistent progress on a daily basis.

We pray and connect with our higher power every single morning by giving thanks, praise and worship before starting our day.

This particular morning Tristan had made a choice for us to sing a beautiful song called “You Are My All in All”. This was a song we sang at church and we always keep all the song sheets from church so we have plenty of choices to choose from.

As we sang this song together while using a  video and the song sheet at hand, I was so touched to tears of gratitude as I had flash backs of all the progress leading up to now.

How much we both have grown together as a family.

Tristan saw my tears. He used to get so confused and almost disturbed at my feelings.

But this day he was in a complete different regulation and I explained to him that I felt so much joy and thankfulness that I had happy tears. That I felt so happy and so very close to God that the tears were  joy overflowing out of me because there was so much of it there.

He intently listened.

We sang the song a second time.

By the end of the second time he had tears streaming down his face. He said, “I cried “. Our attuned attachment allowed for him to grab onto my joy, peace and thankfulness and FEEL it.

A small slice of love and joy experienced just like it should have occurred in his early months.

We proceeded to discuss the differences of our challenging past to now. Not seeing the past as negative, but how it has strengthened us and how much we have learned.

This interaction was a opportunity to work 3 out of 5 keys of the Method Of Hope.

Those of you with older special needs families, bust out of the box that society has you believing you belong in. Dare to believe the truth.

Those of you with younger children, look at how lucky you are to live in a time that there are so many answers for you compared to what once was.

The answers are there.

Inside you.

Choose to see.

It’s never too late to flourish.

YOU are enough.



You Are My All In All