We were homeless, but we found a way to rise above it. Here's the short version of our story


Hey, thanks for stopping by for a more personal visit with us. When I started this journey of sharing our story, I was encouraged to write a book and publish it first because it was said that by doing so, I would gain more attention and be seen as an authority and expert. I was even encouraged to call myself an expert.

 However, the more I sat in on these types of trainings in the social media world, I realized how uncomfortable I felt with these ideas. It wasn’t because I thought I wasn’t good enough or thought I didn’t have a book to offer. I just wanted to skip all the BS, and for the first time in my life, I know in my very core that I am enough, and I do have much to offer this world. My mission is to SHARE, not be in the limelight.

 I also would rather spend my time serving now for the right reasons. Reasons that come deep from my heart. This short version of my story is a way for me to connect with you, so you can see if it resonates with you and see if I have anything that may help you on your journey.

 To be honest, I want to put out on the table that my work is not based on thinking of our kids as different, needing a cure, needing to be fixed, or recovered. I believe that all kids require the same basic needs from their parents and unfortunately, the outside world has made it difficult at times for us to provide these basic needs on a consistent basis. I think we need to be so very careful not to send the wrong messages to our children, so they don’t grow up as victims, feeling broken, angry or not worthy.

 If we stick to the basic needs as nature intended, we then do our children the most justice in their situation. You may be pleasantly surprised what evolves in the end. I found those basic needs and have taken action, only to find I have much more power than I ever imagined.

 I know how rushed parents feel out of desperation to get hold of answers and results NOW. I have no time to waste. You won’t find a polished social media expert here.

What you see is what I am. I am a mother with one heck of a story to tell. Later, as time goes on, I will write my book. For now, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Although our story is a short 22 page version of part of our journey, it is too long to post on the website. I have made it so you can just click to hear it in full on this page , download the MP3 to listen to at your convenience or print it out in full PDF form to set by your bed for night reading 🙂

Because I work the METHOD OF HOPE ® diligently with my son, I only email you when most necessary.

It’s never too late to flourish!

YOU hold the most power.

You are enough.